"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty."
Revelation 1:8 
(King James Version)


Bible Studies


Bible Studies notes taken from the edited messages
 of the
Thru the Bible Radio program


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Robert Brook 
Hamed Saber 
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 Thru the Bible 
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Guidelines for Bible Study

 Guidelines (word document)

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Old Testament Studies

Genesis   1 - 15 (word document)

Genesis 16 - 33  (word document)

Genesis 34 - 50  (word document)

Exodus   1 - 18 (word document)

Exodus 18 - 40  (word document)

Leviticus  1 - 14 (word document)

Leviticus  15 - 27  (word document)

Numbers  (word document)

Deuteronomy  (word document)

Joshua  (word document)

Judges (word document)

Ruth (word document)  

I Samuel (word document)

II Samuel (word document)

I Kings (word document)

II Kings (word document)

I Chronicles (word document)

II Chronicles (word document)

Ezra (word document)

Nehemiah (word document)

Esther (word document)

Job (word document)

Psalms  1 - 41   (word document)

Psalms  42 - 89  (word document)

Psalms  90 - 150 (word document) 

Proverbs   (word document)

Ecclesiastes   (word document)

The Song of Solomon   (word document)

Isaiah   1 - 18 (word document)

Isaiah 19 - 44  (word document)

Isaiah 45 - 66  (word document)

Jeremiah 1 - 22 (word document)

Jeremiah 23 - 52 (word document)

Lamentations (word document)

Ezekiel (word document)

Daniel (word document)

Hosea  (word document)

Joel  (word document)

Amos  (word document)

Obadiah  (word document)

Jonah (word document)

Micah (word document)

Nahum (word document)

Habakkuk (word document)

Zephaniah (word document)

Haggai (word document)

Zechariah (word document)

Malachi (word document)

New Testament Studies

Matthew  1 - 13 (word document)

Matthew 14 - 28  (word document)

Mark (word document)

Luke (word document)

John  1 - 10 (word document)

John 11 - 21 (word document)

Acts  1 - 14 (word document)

Acts 15 - 28 (word document)

Romans (word document)

I Corinthians (word document)

II Corinthians (word document)

Galatians (word document)

Ephesians (word document)

Philippians (word document)

Colossians (word document)

I Thessalonians (word document)

II Thessalonians (word document)

I Timothy (word document)

II Timothy (word document)

Titus (word document)

Philemon (word document)

Hebrews (word document)

James (word document)

I Peter (word document)

II Peter (word document)

I John (word document)

II John (word document)

III John (word document)

Jude (word document)

Revelation 1 - 6 (word document)

Revelation 7 - 15  (word document)

Revelation 16 - 22  (word document)



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