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Samantha at the Crossroads

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Book 1
The Samantha Matijevic Chronicles:

A trilogy of a life in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

 Samantha at the Crossroads

Cover art by MBDesignsInc


The volatile 1960s find thirteen year old Samantha in a small town in rural Montana, groping her way into her future as America is doing likewise. 



  Pages:  388
  Words: 241,030
  Reading Time: 688-964 minutes



 T for teen -  Contains some bad language and some material not suitable for young children, as the story reflect some of the bad and immature characters in the real world


  Description from my blog at smithsk.blogspot.com:  Samantha at the Crossroads
In the late 1960s, America is at a crossroads. It is divided over the war in Vietnam. The counter-culture challenges the World War Two generation. The Cold War holds the threat of nuclear destruction. The race to the moon is in full swing. And this culture war shakes up thirteen year old Samantha Matijevic's world in the sleepy cow town of Mineral Valley, Montana.

Early 1900s, the Milwaukee railroad had given away land to entice settlers to work in the mines that supplied the coal they transported to market. This land offer lured Samís grandparents from Eastern Europe to homestead in Montana. Grandpa had worked as a coal miner to sustain his ranch until an accident killed him during the Great Depression, leaving Grandma a widow with seven kids.

As a second generation American, Sam does not directly experience her fatherís life on the homestead, but she feels it. Her fatherís feud with his brothers that drove him from the ranch leaves him with a hurt that he holds onto as if it is a legacy for his children. Dad had tried to run a gas station at the edge of Mineral Valley, but that business failed. Following the lead of Grandpa, Dad works as a coal miner to hold onto his dreams.

In 1968, the frequency of the trains on the Milwaukee railroad is tapering off as the local mines are closing up. The town is at a crossroads while Sam clings to her childhood as she is reluctantly growing into a woman. Her two cousins, once close to her, slip away as the 1960s counter-culture seduces them. Meanwhile, an understanding teacher and an elderly artist help Sam to break the pattern of having her reality defined by others. She is beginning to see what she really sees, hear what she really hears, and feel what she really feels. Though God seems far off and silent, in Samís darkest moments, she cries out to Him and He answer her.



Please check out blog:  Samantha at the Crossroads, Book 1 in The Samantha Matijevic Chronicles

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Samantha at the Crossroads
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