"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

- George Santayana (1863–1952)


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World History

(a work in progress)


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World History

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medieval:  Wiki Commons

renaissance:  Wiki Commons

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Wars, major events, paradigm shifts, ...

  Summary of World History 


the former USSR 

Western History:
    Roman Empire 


Age of Discovery  
    Victorian Era  
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    20th century    
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    21st century     
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Summary of World History:

 Nova totius Terrarum Orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula, a map of the world created by Hendrik Hindi's in 1630, and published the following year in the atlas Atlantis Maioris Appendix.


100 years in 10 minutes (youtube.comt)
("Compilation of the last 100 years.")

The Empathic Civilisation (youtube.comt)
("Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.")

Famous People Painting  (cliptank.comt)
("Historical Figures With Image Map ")

History World  (historyworld.net)
("More than 1,000,000 words on world history in linked narratives.  More than 10,000 events from world history to search for timelines")

Hyper History Online  (hyperhistory.com)
("HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.")

World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes  (youtube.com)
(The fireworks get really big in Europe in the 20th century.  S.K. Smith)

world history  (worldhistory.com)
("Interactive Maps, Timelines, Videos, Geocoded Photos, and Museum Artifacts ...")

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US History  (smithsk.comt)
(One very big webpage on this  It's been said that America is England's fault.  God bless America!  - S. K. Smith.)

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British Empire  (youtube.com)
(A good presentation of England's 1000 years with pictures and music.)

British Empire - Rise and Fall  (youtube.com)
(Expansion and shrinkage.)

*The History of English in 10 Minutes (youtube.com)
"A compilation of ten videos on the history of the English language.")

History of the British Empire  (youtube.com)
(Horrible history of some ugly truths.)

Kings and Queens of England (1066 - 2010)  (youtube.com)
("A movie with contemporary pictures of Kings and Queens of England and later the United Kingdom.")

Rule Britannia Tribute to the British Empire  (youtube.com)
("Rule Britannia  Britain Prevails. We shall never forget the Titans who made British Empire and preserved it. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN  Anglo-Saxon History is important let us see its long continuity.  !!!! D-DAY June 6")

Why Study Winston Churchill? (winstonchurchill.org)
("What makes him relevant in the 21st century?")

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the former USSR:

Complete History Of The Soviet Union  (vimeo.com)
(Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris)

Enemy at the Gates  (YouTube.com)
(Scene from World War II shows the desperation and the suffering of the Russian people.)

The Revolution ... Dr. Zhivago  (YouTube.com)
(How World War I played a role in the rise of the USSR.)

Russian Famine of 1921  (YouTube.com)
("More than 9 million people died in freeze and hunger. Because of the antagonism against the communist government, few countries executed humanitarian aids.")

Soviet/ USSR Anthem in English   (youtube.com)
("Soviet/ USSR Anthem in English, with Soviet Videos (recorded from Victory Parade of 1945)."
 Long live our Soviet Motherland, built by the people's mighty hand.
Long live our People, united and free.
 If the lyrics were true they may not have fallen apart - like they did at the end of the 20th century.)


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Western History

  The Roman Empire

  The Christian Martyrs Last Prayer

24 August 410: the date it all went wrong for Rome?  (bbc.co.uk)
("Tuesday (24 August) marks the 1,600th anniversary of one of the turning points of European history - the first sack of Imperial Rome by an army of Visigoths, northern European barbarian tribesmen, led by a general called Alaric.")

Empress Theodora Picture Gallery  (historymedren.about.com)
("Theodora (497-548) came from humble origins and worked as an actress before catching the eye of future Emperor Justinian. As his wife, she exerted considerable influence on the emperor and on the laws he passed, becoming one of the most powerful women in Byzantine history.")

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Medieval Life and Times

 Leprosy victims taught by bishop


Medieval History - Life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance  (historymedren.about.com)
("... a fascinating journey into our medieval past ...")


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Black Death:

The Black Death, 1348 (eyewitnesstohistory.com)
("Coming out of the East, the Black Death reached the shores of Italy in the spring of 1348 unleashing a rampage of death across Europe unprecedented in recorded history.")


The Crusades 101 (ignatiusinsight.com)
("As conventionally reckoned, the Crusades were a set of eight expeditions to the East that occurred in just under a two-century period, from 1095 to 1270.")


Abelard and Heloise Picture Gallery (historymedren.about.com)
("Peter Abelard was an illustrious philosopher and teacher at the University of Paris; Heloise was the young woman he tutored and seduced. Their passionate love affair had tragic consequences, and comes to us through their letters..")

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives:

The Peasant  (youtube.com)
("The stereotype of the medieval peasant is a toothless, filthy, ignorant wretch. Or were they? Terry Jones discovers that peasants were in fact literate, emancipated, highly political and legally savvy, house proud and healthy, and responsible for the peasants revolt of 1381.")

The Monk  (youtube.com)
("Terry Jones examines the truth behind the medieval monastery. The ideal of giving up everything for a life of prayer and solitude was often undermined by monks' ability to make money out of almost anything; from sheep, iron-smelting, and even prayer itself.")

The Damsel  (youtube.com)
("The modern image of medieval women is passive, shy, vulnerable and constantly in need of rescue. But the reality is very different. The damsels that Terry Jones discovers, ran businesses, led armies and, when they felt like it, even abducted the lovers of their choice.")

The Minstrel  (youtube.com)
("Terry Jones investigates the truth about Minstrels, often seen as luvvies wandering the country to entertain the courts of lords and ladies with whimsical songs. But medieval showbiz could be a very risky business, often finding themselves involved in wars and politics.")

The Knight  (youtube.com)
("Terry Jones examines the romantic notion of the Knight in Shining Armour had little interest in rescuing damsels in distress. They were far more interested in the fine arts of killing people, making money and becoming famous. Terry discovers some unsavoury truths.")

The Philosopher  (youtube.com)
("Terry Jones puts a different view on Medieval scientists, or philosophers as they were known. Not only did alchemists, physicians and engineers of the Middle Ages make key scientific discoveries but they also had an ethical approach to their work.")

The Outlaw  (youtube.com)
("Were medieval outlaws really like Robin Hood and were the sheriffs evil and corrupt. The answer is no. Terry Jones discovers that Sheriffs were pen pushing bureaucrats and the biggest threat to law were the gangs of upper crust outlaws terrorising the country for the sole purpose of getting rich quick.")

The King  (youtube.com)
("Terry Jones asks just how much we really know about our medieval kings. Using the three king Richards as a sample, he discovers that 'Good' King Richard the Lionheart was anything but, and discovers one 'king' who's been deliberately airbrushed from history.")

War of the Roses:

Wars of The Roses & Towton 1461 (pictorial) (article) by Paul Williams  (AuthorsDen.com)
("The Wars of the Roses were the longest period of civil war in English history, 1453-1487. They occurred following the final English defeat in the Hundred Years’ War, (1337-1453) and were a series of wars, minor clashes, and disorders between two branches of the Plantagenet family, Lancaster and York (a medieval mafia war). During which, there were three periods of sustained conflict: 1459-61, 1469-71, and 1483-87.")

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  The Renaissance

  Morris dancers entertain Queen Elizabeth

Leonardo da Vinci  (mos.org)
 (Scientist, Inventor, Artist, the consummate Renaissance Man. -  S. K. Smith)

Elizabethan Era:

The Battle scene of Spanish Armada and English Navy (youtube.com)
(Spanish invasion of England to overthrow the rule of the protestant queen Elizabeth I.)

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603)  (elizabethi.org)
 (Most anything you wish to know about this remarkable woman and England's Golden Age. -  S. K. Smith)

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 The Protestant Reformation

The Life of Martin Luther


Protestant Reformation  (en.wikipedia.org)
("The Protestant Reformation began as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church, effected by Western European Catholics who opposed what they perceived as false doctrines and ecclesiastic malpractice...")


Halloween 1517  (smithsk.blogspot.com)
(What happened on Halloween in the year 1517 AD?)


Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms  (youtube.com)
(Martin Luther defends himself at the Imperial Diet of Worms.)


Battle Hymn of the Reformation  (youtube.com)
(The justly famous "A Mighty Fortess is Our God".)


A Man Ahead of His Time  (wycliffe.org)
(John Wycliffe has been called - "the Morning Star of the Reformation.".)

King James Bible:

History of the King James Bible  (youtube.com)
 ("The Authorized King James Version is an English translation by the Church of England of the Christian Bible begun in 1604 and completed in 1611.")

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  Age of Discovery

  Detail from a map of Ortelius - Magellan's ship Victoria

Ballad of Magellan  (youtube.com)
 (Animaniacs sing about this Portiguese explorer. -  S. K. Smith)

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 Victorian Era

Queen Victoria 1887


Victoria - British Empire during Victorian Era  (youtube.com)
("Visual introduction to the expansion of the British Empire during Victoria's lifetime. Designed to be used with Year 9 students as an introduction to their study of the Empire.")

Crimean War:
* NEW *

The Charge of the Light Brigade Animated Scenes   (youtube.com)
(Some animated scenes from the move - The Charge of the Light Brigade, giving some background to the Crimean War.)

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20th Century

Marc Chagall, I and the Village, 1911, oil on canvas

  World War I:  From the rest of the world's perspective.  

Claude Choules the last-known WW1 frontline veteran laid to rest    (dailymail.co.uk)
("The last First World War frontline veteran was buried with military honours in a service in Australia today. May 20, 2001)

In Flanders Fields - Lest We Forget (youtube.com)
("A tribute of music and images set to the words of the poem - In Flanders Fields.".)

Stille Nacht - Joyeux Noel   (youtube.com)
("The "Christmas truce" is a term used to describe several brief unofficial cessations of hostilities that occurred on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day between German and British or French troops in World War I, particularly that between British and German troops stationed along the Western Front during Christmas 1914.")

History of World War One 1914-1918   (youtube.com)
(Title says it all.)

World War One : 1914-1918 Map   (youtube.com)
("History of World War One 1914-1918")

World War One - Footage   (youtube.com)
("Rare footage of the First World War.")

 World War One Summary   (youtube.com)
(History of World War One 1914-1918.)

See US History - World War I also.


  World War II:  From the rest of the world's perspective. 

World War Two-in 3 minutes  (YouTube.com)
("This is a short summary of events that occurred during World War Two.")

World War 2 in Pictures  (YouTube.com)
("A summary of World War 2 in pictures")

World War II in Photos  (theatlantic.com)
("World War II is the story of the 20th Century.")

WWII timeline map  (YouTube.com)
("shows the Allies & Axis territories during the war.")

The Battle of Britain:

Sir Winston Churchill speech Finest Hour   (YouTube.com)

The Blitz 1940-1941 (YouTube.com)
("This is a tribute video to the British people who lived and died during The Blitz 1940-1941.")


* NEW *

An Interactive Map of the Blitz: Where and When the Bombs Fell on London - Neighborhoods - The Atlantic Cities  (theatlanticcities.com)

The London Blitz (YouTube.com)
("During the London Blitz (the German bombing of London at night in 1940-41), Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris witnessed the destruction....")

Dr. Who and World War Two - VE Day is coming  (smithsk.blogspot.com)
("Sixty-five years ago, May 8, 1945 was VE Day - Victory in Europe. It marked the beginning of the end of World War Two.")


'Hitler's Pope' saved thousands of Jewish lives   (telegraph.co.uk)
("Pope Pius XII, the controversial wartime pontiff, may have saved thousands of Jews by secretly securing visas so they could escape Nazi Germany, a historian has claimed.")


The British 'Schindler' who saved Austrian Jews   (bbc.co.uk)
("In March 1938, a Church of England chaplain set out to save the lives of hundreds of desperate Austrian Jews facing persecution by the Nazis ...")

* NEW *  Fascinating true story - stranger than fiction

Operation Mincemeat  (youtube.com)
("In 1943, British intelligence hatched a daring plan. As the Allies prepared to invade Sicily, their purpose was to convince the Germans that Greece was the real target. The plot to fool the Fuhrer was the brainchild of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond")


Fearless matriarch of resistance   (theaustralian.com.au)
("The most decorated woman of World War II, Nancy Wake had a five-million-franc price put on her head by the feared German secret police, the Gestapo, for helping the French Resistanc..")

See US History - World War II also.


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 21st Century

Wormhole travel as envisioned by Les Bossinas for NASA

* updates *


21st century enlightenment  (youtube.com)
 ("Matthew Taylor explores the meaning of 21st century enlightenment, how the idea might help us meet the challenges we face today.")

The fifth horseman of the apocalypse (atimes.com)
("Population decline is the elephant in the world's living room....")

* NEW *
Winston Churchill predicted the future -- many times 

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