"It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid."

- Albert Einstein


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Picture Attributions -
physics:  WikiCommons



Physics Links



3rd Rock from the Sun - Physics by Dick Solomon  (youtube.com)
(Links to Professor Brian Cox, a Royal Society University Research Fellow; CERN; Brian's wife, Gia, a Science groupie. - S. K. Smith)

Apollo's Children  (apolloschildren.com)
(Links to Professor Brian Cox, a Royal Society University Research Fellow; CERN; Brian's wife, Gia, a Science groupie. - S. K. Smith)
Cool Math & Physics Blogs  (blogs.scientificamerican.com)
(from Degrees of Freedom, a favorite list)
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics (scienceworld.wolfram.com)
(Contributions in Physics thanks to Wolfram.  SK Smith.)

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations  (sciencedemonstrations.fas.harvard.edu)
("We provide visual demonstrations for a wide variety of topics to supplement lectures in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology.".)
HyperPhysics Concepts  (hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu)
(A great resource site hosted by the Physics and Astronomy Department at Georgia State University, which covers a wide range of physics topics, including modern physics and astronomy.)

MinutePhysics  (youtube.com)
(" Cool physics and other sweet science - all in a minute!")

Some favorites:  2011 Nobel Prize: Dark Energy feat.

How lasers work        The Arrow of Time feat   

GPS, relativity, and nuclear detection  There is no pink light

How to break the speed of light   The Speed of Light in Glass

Schrödinger's Cat  What is fire?  What is Dark Matter?

Distance and Special Relativity: How far away is tomorrow?

What is a dimension? In 3D...and 2D... and 1D

What is Quantum Tunneling?   What is Gravity?

What is the Uncertainty Principle?

How the Sun works: Fusion and Quantum Tunneling

What is the Wave/Particle Duality?  - Part 1   Part 2

NewScientist:  Math & Physics  (NewScientist.com)
(For the latest in math & physics land.  I can't keep up?  - S. K. Smith)
physics.org  (physics.org)
("Your guide to physics on the web.")

Physics Study Guides - SparkNotes  (sparknotes.com)
(The Cliff Notes of Physics - S. K. Smith)
physicsworld.com  (physicsworld.com)
("news, views and information for the global physics community ....")


Physics Quotes  (physicsquotes.blogspot.com)
("quotes by physicist or/and on physics-related subjects.")


 CERN  (public.web.cern.ch/public/)
(European Organization for Nuclear Research.)

Large Hadron Rap  (YouTube video) 
  ** Rappin' about CERN's Large Hadron Collider!  **

The Standard Model Of Particle Physics  (YouTube video) 
("...theory concerning the electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear interactions which mediate the dynamics of the known subatomic particles.")


 Albert Einstein Quotes  (YouTube.com)
 ("Quotes by Albert Einstein accompanied by Mozart.")
 E=mc²: Einstein explains his famous formula   (YouTube.com)
 ("Albert Einstein explaining the equivalence of energy and matter.")


 Einstein as a young boy about the existence of God (mikeduering.com)
 ("Albert Einstein was not only one of the greatest scientists of all time, but also a very spiritual man.")
 Gravity Probe B:  Testing Einstein's Universe  (einstein.stanford.edu)
 (I actually worked a short time on this project before budget cuts forced me to leave - S. K. Smith)
 Original Einstein manuscripts posted online   (usatoday.com)
 ("Albert Einstein's complete archives — from personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers to notebooks scribbled with his groundbreaking scientific research — are going online for the first time.")



Einstein Was Right: General Relativity Confirmed (FoxNews.com)
 ("Score one more for Einstein. A new study has confirmed his theory of general relativity works on extremely large scales.")

The Elegant Universe - Einstein's Relativity   (YouTube.com)
 ("Einstein's General Theory of Relativity explained.")

New Discovery about the Fabric of Space-Time  (YouTube.com)
 ("Scientists have turned up rare evidence that space-time is smooth as Einstein predicted, while pushing closer to a complete theory of gravity.")

Marilyn Monroe Explains Relativity to Albert Einstein (in a Nicolas Roeg Movie) | Open Culture (openculture.com)
 ("A certain motion picture has as its main characters Joe DiMaggio, Joseph McCarthy, Albert Einstein, and Marilyn Monroe. Sure, the script calls them the Ballplayer, the Senator, the Professor, and the Actress, but there’s no mistaking their real identities..")

Mr. Spock and Dr. Einstein  (smithsk.com)
("Long before Star Trek, astronomers were looking for the planet Vulcan.
It literally took an Einstein to solve this mystery.

The Scotsman who beat Einstein  (smithsk.com)
 ("Einstein has been called the Father of Relativity.  But there was a Scotsman who beat Einstein by about 40 years.  Read on...")


The Universe in a Nutshell: Michio Kaku on the Physics of Everything  (brainpickings.org)
 ("The history of physics is the history of modern civilization")


 Professor Stephen W. Hawking  (hawking.org.uk)
 (His official website.  "Stephen Hawking has worked on the basic laws which govern the universe.")

 Review of 'The Grand Design,' by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. (washingtonpost.com)
 ("Hawking and Mlodinow launch into an accessible and elegant history of the progression of scientific knowledge from the Greeks to modern cosmology.")


10 Award-Winning Scientific Simulation Videos (wired.com)
(From Blood flow to Wind Farm Turbulence)


Richard Feynman talks about light  (youtube.com)
("Inconceivable nature of nature.")

Slow Light  (factlets.info/SlowLight.html)
("Harvard scientists slowed light to a mere 38 mph by shooting it through supercooled matter."  Pretty cool, literally, huh? - S. K. Smith)


Antimatter Breakthrough -- Electron is Stunningly Spherical, Scientists Discover  (foxnews.com)
("The electron was hailed by British scientists Thursday as the roundest natural object in the universe.")

Modern Physics:

Interactions.org - Particle physics, high energy physics, news and resources  (interactions.org)
("Interactions.org is designed to serve as a central resource for communicators of particle physics.")

Quantum Mechanics for the MTV Generation   (YouTube.com)
("A complete history of Quantum Mechanics in 90seconds.")

The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements  (news.stanford.edul)
("When researchers found an unusual linkage between solar flares and the inner life of radioactive elements on Earth, it touched off a scientific detective investigation that could end up protecting the lives of space-walking astronauts and maybe rewriting some of the assumptions of physics.")

String Theory - (2 Minutes)  (YouTubecom)
(String theory introduction.)
symmetry Magazine  (symmetrymagazine.org)
("symmetry is a magazine about particle physics and its connections to other aspects of life and science, from interdisciplinary collaborations to policy to culture.")

Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!  (youtube.org)
("musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles, the jiggly things that make up everything we see.")

What is quantum tunneling?  (YouTubecom)
("Perspective on quantum mechanical tunneling.")

Myths about Physics:

Popular Physics Myths (physics.about.com)
(From Quantum Mechanics to Relativity to the Hadron Collider to Thermodynamics, etc.)

Physics 101:

Flash Animations for Physics (upscale.utoronto.ca)
("We have been increasingly using Flash animations for illustrating Physics content. This page provides access to those animations which may be of general interest. The animations will appear in a separate window.")

Richard Feynman’s Physics Lectures  (openculture.com)
("Richard Feynman reduces science to the barest essentials, to its most fundamental truth")

Pendulum Waves (youtube.com)
("Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating,")

Winter Driving - It's all about the friction (smithsk.com)
(Pump those brakes!  Why?  It's the right kind of friction.)


Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics  (britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm)
(Wow!  Who knew Britney Spears had a secret life as a  physicist!  ;)  - S. K. Smith)

Scientists discover world’s smallest superconductor   (ohio.edu)
(We can look forward to even smaller electronic gadgets?  - S. K. Smith)


Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist  (FoxNews.com)
(It's Back to the Future?  - S. K. Smith)



The Symphony of Time   (youtube.com)
("A musical celebration of the concept of Time")

Where science merges with science fiction:

Sci Fi Science : Videos : Science Channel  (science.discovery.com)
("Could science really lead to the creation of devices like light sabres and time machines that we can only see in sci fi movies?")

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