Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.  
~Albert Einstein


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Picture Attributions -
Euclid:  WikiCommons



Various Math Links


Cool Math & Physics Blogs  (
(from Degrees of Freedom, a favorite list)
Free online calculators  (
("Calculate anything anytime ...")
Mathematics  (
Math Study Guides - SparkNotes  (
(The Cliff Notes of math.  S. K. Smith)
PBS NewsHour on the Khan Academy  (
(Teaches mathematics on the web.)
Steven Strogatz on the Elements of Math - Series - The New York Times  (
(Great site - so much more to learn ...  S.K. Smith)
Wolfram MathWorld: The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource (
(Great site for math resources thanks to Wolfram.  S.K. Smith)

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$200 Textbook vs. Free. You Do the Math.  (
("Mr. McNealy, the fiery co-founder and former chief executive of Sun Microsystems, shuns basic math textbooks as bloated monstrosities: their price keeps rising while the core information inside of them stays the same.")


"Sustainability 101: Arithmetic, Population and Energy"  (

The Numbers Game

Double Trouble

It's later than You Think

Peak Oil

Apocalypse Now?

There must be an answer

The Fibonacci Series:

Fibonacci Flim-Flam (
("Leonardo of Pisa (1170-1250), nickname Fibonacci, was born in Pisa, Italy. He made many contributions to mathematics, but is best known by laypersons for the sequence of numbers that carries his name:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, ...")

The Fibonacci Spiral and the Nautilus (Shallow Thoughts)  (
("Don't believe everything you read" is always a good lesson for high schoolers ... and it's just as relevant for us adults as well.)
Fibonacci Numbers and Nature  (
("This, the first, looks at the Fibonacci numbers and why they appear in various "family trees" and patterns of spirals of leaves and seeds.The second page then examines why the golden section is used by nature in some detail, including animations of growing plants.")
Fibonacci Numbers and Golden section in Nature  (
("The Fibonacci numbers are Nature's numbering system. They appear everywhere in Nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, or the scales of a pineapple.")


Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal   (
("The original Mandelbrot is an amazing object that has captured the public's imagination for 30 years with its cascading patterns and hypnotically colourful detail. It's known as a 'fractal' - a type of shape that yields (sometimes elaborate) detail forever, no matter how far you 'zoom' into it.)

Fractal Dimensions  Twilight Zone?  No, Nature  (
("Familiar with one, two, and three dimensions?  What about dimensions of 0.63 or 1.26?  Its not science fiction, but quite natural.  Read on...")

Rubik's Cube:



Multiplication by Infinity: Fun with Waves, Aging, and Wave Mechanics (
(Cool graphics and info.  S.K. Smith)


10 Mathematical Equations That Changed The World  (
("Nuclear weapons, space travel and TV are just some the things these 10 mathematical equations have made possible")

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