"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.." 
 ~George S. Patton


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Leaders, leadership, management,  authority, goals, dialog, example, etc....


Two Things Great Leaders Must Do in Turbulent Times  (michaelhyatt.com)  
("So is the glass half empty or half full? The truth is, both.")
Five Characteristics of Weak Leaders  (michaelhyatt.com)  
("Sometimes you learn from positive role models. Often you learn from negative ones.")
Five Ways Leaders Can Avoid the Pitfall of Pride  (michaelhyatt.com)  
("Being a leader means you have followers. Having followers means you have power. Having power means you have a responsibility to be responsible.")

9 Reasons Angry Bosses Should Hold Their Tongues  (crosswalk.com)  
("When you regularly, and especially publicly, show anger to your staff, here are nine extremely counter-productive things you're also doing")

The Importance of a Leader’s Heart  (michaelhyatt.com)  
("But it’s not just our physical heart that is important. Especially as leaders, our spiritual heart is equally important.")


Churchill's 5 Leadership Lessons for Pastors by Collin Hansen – Church  (christianity.com)  
("Pastors can identify with the ups and downs of Churchill's career. His quips inspire them. And his triumphs and tragedies can even teach us a thing or two (or five) about leadership.")

The Leadership Secrets of Paul Revere  (michaelhyatt.com)  
("... tactics that made Revere indispensable to America’s revolutionary efforts—tactics that can also make you indispensable in your organization.  Joel Miller")
Leadership Lessons from General Tommy Franks   (michaelhyatt.com)  
("'Son, I know your feisty, but I mean it as an acronym. F-e-i-s-t-y.' He then went on to spell it out ...")
Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy   (youtube.com)  
("Leadership Lessons learned from Dancing Guy.")


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Five Ways to Use Authority for the Benefit of Your Team (michaelhyatt.com)  
("Holding a position of authority requires a keen understanding of how to use it effectively.")


Civil Dialog:

Top Tips: Nine Ways To Talk To Someone You Can't Stand  (Forbes.com) 
Face it: Some people are simply insufferable. With any luck, they can be avoided, but not always. Here are nine time-tested conversational strategies for when there is no escape.")

How to Remember Names  (wittcom.com) 
("One of the best ways to make a favorable first impression — and to get ahead socially or in business — is to remember people's names.")


Whatever Happened to Modesty?  (stumbleupon.com) 
("Four Guidelines for Modesty.")


Six Keys to Achieving Big Goals  (michaelhyatt.com) 
("How do you do really hard things? How do you push through the inertia that threatens to keep you in your current state? How do you increase your probability of accomplishing what you set out to do?")


Best Leadership Quotes (famous-quotes-and-quotations.com) 
("There's nothing like leadership quotes to get you motivated and moving, striving to be the best that you can be.")

Time Management:

How to Shave Ten Hours Off Your Work Week  (michaelhyatt.com) 
("But what if you could shave ten hours off your work week? In my opinion, that is much more do-able.")

How to Stop Procrastinating: 7 Timeless Tips  (positivityblog.com) 
("One of the most common problems is procrastination.")

How to Cut Your To-Do List in Half  (michaelhyatt.com) 
("One of the most helpful time management principles I have found is David Allen’s Two-Minute Rule. The basic concept is that you take immediate action on anything that can be done in two minutes or less. This is the key to becoming more productive.")


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