"Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find."
Sundry Sonnets, XXI


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 Winds of Destiny - eBook review

Winds of Destiny
by Jayne Bullock


  BTTT (part 2) - 
Winged Coronet

"Do you like historical fiction set during World War Two? If so, the Winged Coronet by Joe Freitus weaves an engaging yarn during the tensions ramping up to D-Day"
S. K. Smith 

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 Various Thoughts about Dan Brown's novel:
Angels & Demons

  "Angels & Demons - Science vs. Religion - some thoughts"

"Christopher Columbus, Washington Irving, and the Medieval Church"

"Roger Bacon - a scientist ahead of his time"

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Various Books:


Review - Eva Galuska and the Christmas Carp: A Novella

The Autobiography of Malcolm X:  MLK, Malcolm X & Epiphany

"Heat Wave" by Richard Castle
 - When Art imitates Art

I thought I had stepped into a 21st century Pleasantville. As my local library was undergoing renovations, perhaps construction crews had opened up a door into the TV universe?"  
- S. K. Smith



Margery Kempe (Part 1) - 
A woman living in interesting medieval times

"May you live in interesting times."
So were the times of Margery Kempe in the late Middle Ages. 

Margery Kempe (Part 2) - 
Move over Geoffrey Chaucer and reality TV!

"If the Middle Ages did a reality show, Margery would be the star.
  Her real life adventures rivaled Canterbury Tales with an eclectic cast of characters."

Margery Kempe (Part 3) - Medieval "Church Lady"

"The "Church Lady" persona is not new, but is as old as religion itself."

Margery Kempe (Part 4) - she still speaks centuries later

"...this medieval mystic had her shortcomings ... Margery had many admirable qualities.  Here a five of them..."



 ZAMM (part 1) - 
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a culture-bearing book in the 20th century much in the way Uncle Tom's Cabin was a culture bearer for the 19th century."
S. K. Smith

ZAMM (part 2) - 
Journey through Life

"In this version of Life, the end game is the one with the most money wins. ... But what does the Good Book say?"
S. K. Smith

ZAMM (part 3) - 
Chautauqua, then and now

Teddy Roosevelt called the Chautauqua "the most American thing in America."

ZAMM (part 4) - Ghosts

... when people have not been buried right, their ghosts come back to haunt you.

ZAMM (part 5) - Sheldon vs Penny

... the arts and science are not opposed or mutually exclusive, but complement one other - part of a whole experience of reality


ZAMM (part 6) - Sloth, or just not caring ...

ZAMM gets it right as it points to the spiritual root cause of many of the maladies in our culture ...


ZAMM (part 7) - Yes or No - Gotcha!

Sometimes the best answer to a yes-or-no question is mu.


ZAMM (part 8) - The Insecurity of Intolerance

The sun is not coming up, tomorrow!
How many are threatened when someone says that?
I'll go out on a limb here and say - Few are.


America's Story 
(part 7) 
- When Reagan was shot

 (Rawhide Down fills in the minute by minute details of the timeline and the key players leading up to the day President Reagan was shot and its ensuing events.)



Kindle? Nook? Whatever?

"As we blast into the second decade of the 21st century, eReaders and eBooks are popping up all over."
S. K. Smith



The Book of Books

The King James Bible:
  1611 - 2011

"Happy 400th Birthday To The King James Bible -- The Most Influential Book In The English Language"

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