"If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work. "
- William Shakespeare (15641616) 
King Henry IV. Part I. Act i. Sc. 2.  


Blogs - Days of Note

Written by S. K. Smith


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  - Days of Note - 2014
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  Holidays, Anniversaries, 
Historical Events, etc.


New Years:
Pray4America (part 10) - New Year Reset
The New Year can bring a sense of optimism, a sense of starting over.  Resetting the calendar can mean a reset of our lives.


2014 Winter Olympics:
LOL (part 1) - Olympic dreaming on such a winter's day
Never give up on your dreams!  And go for it!

Washington's Birthday:
Pray4America (part 12) - George Washington's Knee-Mails
This anniversary of the original President's Day, may we follow the lead of our first president, ... his knee-Mails ...


New Cosmos series:
March 9, 2014

Science 101 (part 4) - Cosmos Continued ...
Since Cosmos first aired in 1980, there has been an explosion of new discoveries.  And Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson takes off where Carl Sagan had left off last century ... last millennium.

March 5 - April 17, 2014

Biblia Files (part 4) - Holy Hyperlinks
(For bloggers, hyperlinks are our friends.  They can link the reader to another page with more information about a key phrase or give a reference for a point made.
...And as we are in the season of Lent, here is a great example of one of these Holy Hyperlinks that Jesus used in throwing out the money changers in the Temple.) 


Shatner's Birthday:
March 22, 2014

LOL (part 2) - International Talk Like William Shatner Day
Star Trek has been an inspiration for 50 years.  Therefore, the actor who played this intrepid star ship captain - Captain Kirk - deserves to have his day!


Apollo 13:
April 13, 1970

Pray4America (part 13) - Apollo 13 Reflections and Prayer
"Apollo 13 has been called the "successful failure."   The world had watched this drama unfold on live TV from a nearly fatal catastrophe in space to a nail-biting rescue, where nobody died."


VE Day:
May 8, 1945

America's Story 
(part 14) - 
I Was a Male War Bride - the real story

"One day rummaging through the local thrift store, I picked up an old copy of The 30th Anniversary Reader's Digest Reader (1953). Perusing its table of contents, this one story caught my attention ..." 


D Day:
70th Anniversday
June 6, 1944

America's Story 
(part 15) - 
World War 2: memories of North Africa

"In May of 2014, when clearing out an old foot locker, we found a forgotten manuscript of 17 pages typed by my father-in-law recording his memories of his first engagements during World War Two.


4th of July
(part 14) - 
We are Americans
"During this holiday, may we remember all those who have sacrificed for the freedoms that we take for granted." 

Moon Walk Anniversary
July 20, 1969
(part 15) - 
Communion on the Moon

"It was interesting for me to think: the very first liquid ever poured on the moon, and the very first food eaten there, were the communion elements." 
Buzz Aldrin 


Start of World War I
Culture 101 (part 14) - 
World War I - 
that Golden Summer 
of 1914
"Blackadder Goes Forth - This one got to me.  I had a grandfather that I knew who fought in that war.  And this August (the month when Britain declared war on Germany) marks the centennial of the start of the Great War."



Labor Day:
H/S (part 2) - 
Travel Mercies

"Whatever the season, there are many dangers while traveling."
S. K. Smith

World War Two
(Britain and France declare war on Germany - September 3, 1939)
Culture (part 15) -
  Persevering and Prevailing 
during Dark Days

"Many stories are set during great conflict of good and evil 
as epic as World War II."
S. K. Smith

War of 1812:
America's Story 
(part 16) 
- Our First 9/11
"Oh, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

"And it's a question each coming generations needs to answer."
S. K. Smith


H/S (part 3) - Halloween Fright, Flight, Fight

Fright = Flight and Fight - a deadly combo?
S. K. Smith


Veterans Day:
Pray4America (part 16) - God Bless America, 1938

The song - a solemn prayer for peace - tapped into the national psyche as World War II was about to break out.

S. K. Smith

Nostalgia (part 1) - 
A Father's 
Thanksgiving Prayer

Though it first aired 60 years ago, this final scene still touches me and fills me with nostalgia.

S. K. Smith

(30 November - 21 December, 2014)
Biblia Files (part 4) - 
Waiting ....

Advent ... it's all about waiting.

S. K. Smith


Bill of Rights Day:
(December 15)
CC (part 3) - Happy 
Bill of Rights Day
"The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution, were ratified on December 15, 1791. ... 
Our most cherished freedoms as Americans come from the Bill of Rights."
S. K. Smith

(December 25)
Nostalgia (part 2) - Christmas Past 
in War and Peace

"Old movies and television shows give us a peek into Christmas Past - not long past, but perhaps our past, our parents' past, and even our grandparents' past."
S. K. Smith


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